“Cute as a Button” mosaics support stray cats

As you might know, at Christmas, I collaborated with the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue to develop “Tip Toe Through the Tulips”, a variable edition of mosaics featuring tulips and cats. That was quite a story that began with an internet scam, and resulted in rescue.

Well, I am absolutely honoured to be asked again to team up! For Valentine’s Day, at their suggestion, I developed a new edition of cat mosaics. “Cute as a Button” will be an edition of 14 mosaics featuring an image of a heart-shaped pillow with a _real_ button on it next to a kitty. As with the previous edition, clients can send me a photograph of their cat, and I will produce a likeness in mosaic, thus the ‘variable edition’.

The artworks come framed, labelled/signed, and glossed. Each is 5×8″, and is $160 (with $30 going directly to OSCR).

So far, three have been made: a Tuxedo kitty with green eyes; a one-eyed tortoiseshell kitty, and a black ‘house panther’. At time of this writing, 11 are remaining in the edition. Feel free to get in touch, if you would like to support the OSCR, and immortalize your feline (have a photo of your fur baby ready to send to me!). 🙂

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