The Farm

Farm-pond-daytime-mac-coffee-IMG_7592I’ve recently moved to the countryside, and am enjoying being surrounded by so much nature.¬†This photo is of the view from my studio in early autumn; my morning coffee has never tasted better. ūüôā

A little back-story on the farm: The farm is a nearly-300-acre, 1860 property on the edge of the Ottawa Valley, skirting the Lanark Highlands. It does not currently house farm animals. Following the death of my father, my mother decided to try to stay on the farm. With diminishing health, and as just one person holding the reigns, she became at dire risk of foreclosure. I have stepped in to help, and have come to an agreement with bank and township to get the property back on its feet. We are slowly turning it around but everything takes time and elbow grease. Having grown up on this farm in the 1970s, I am not afraid of hard work ‚ÄĒ it’s the raising of money that is the hard part. An artist’s wage is not enough so I have started a few fundraising efforts, which, through the heart-warming support of people like you, is really working. ūüėÄ

farm-dragonfly-on-cheek-sunset-260px-IMG_0213GOAL: Once we’ve made it past the hurdle of keeping the property intact, I hope to be part of the local studio tours, begin a small mixed-farm with¬†laying hens and market¬†gardens, protect¬†the¬†forests and ponds¬†as wildlife sanctuaries,¬†and develop art installations along paths throughout the acreage. I¬†would be happy to keep you updated and send you an invitation to future events. If you are not yet on my e-mailing list, I hope you will¬†subscribe here.

Our fundraisers:

Chickadee artwork Fundraiser Dragonfly wing necklace fundraiser Photo Transfer Fundraiser Donate to the farm
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Chickadee mosaic¬†‚ÄĒ¬†“Own a piece of the Farm” Fundraiser
Nature is very inspiring to most artists, and I am no different. ūüôā I’ve started a bird series. “Chickadee” has just been launched and it actually contains bits of the farm in it! I am making only 25 of these artworks. They are $105, including framing and tax. If you would like to inquire about the status of the edition, please contact me any time.

farm-chickadee art fundraiser

Dragonfly Wing NecklacesReal dragonfly wings and hand-made paper in a necklace. Many colors to choose from, including yellow, lime, green, blue, orange, purple, pink and cream or white.

On my walks on the farm, I come across dragonflies that have died. Their life cycle is very short but they live a good life on this property where I treat it like a wildlife preserve, encouraging bio-diversity and a healthy environment. I make the wings into necklaces; in this way, I raise funds to promise a healthy future for their next generation.

$35 (total) including shipping, depending on where you live.

These necklaces contain hand-made paper (the coloured background), real dragonfly wings, silver-plated brass elements, and a lush, glossy surface. All made with love in my studio. Please contact me should you wish to order one; let me know your preferred color.

barn-transfer-on-old-wood-woodgrain-IMG_2628Photo Transfer to wood
Photo-transfer is a technique that involves applying an image to a surface other than photo-paper. Here, I’ve used old wood from the farm — the woodgrain and knots add a natural texture and richness to the image. This¬†rustic process lets¬†the image appear “scraped” off, giving it an aged look.¬†$75 each, including a hanging chain.

Trading Goods or Services to assist each other
Trading services and goods between neighbours is the epitome of country life. It is a way to help each other without breaking the bank. Here is a list of what we need, and how we might be able to help you in return. Get in touch any time with your proposal or new ideas! P.S. Art classes are a possibility soon!

A short video with a little story about grapes and my Dad.

A short video with a little story about grapes and my Dad.

A little more about the farm…
Here is a short video showing the pond and some of the property. And, below, are a few shots through the autumn and winter seasons. I will post more as soon as I get¬†a chance. In the meantime, if you’re on Facebook, I’ve got “The Farm” album of photos up there already.



Farm - Snow-covered small barn



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heartDonating to the farm

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