Winter Blues – finding colour inspiration in cold weather

Curing the ‘winter blues’ with a new colour palette…

The reduced sunlight hours, and increased cold are enough to leave even this perkiest of persons a bit “blue” so I challenged myself to seek out the blue colour palette in this seemingly-white landscape. I was delighted to find the Blue Jay at its centre.

Last summer, our garden had a row of Giant Sunflowers. The Blue Jays loved the flowers so I’ve reproduced my memory of them there. Here is a Blue Jay weighing down a flower head as it perches to access the seeds of another flower. You can see the pond in the background, and the back-lit tree-line where the sun sets. We had two pair of these birds, and their clever and loud antics were entertaining and intriguing. They seem very social and work in a group. I imagine I’ll have to produce an artwork with more than one bird in it at some point but for now, I’ve focused on making a mosaic of the row of sunflowers…

I also produced two mini versions of the larger Sunflower/Jay artwork for smaller wall spaces. I make limited, numbered editions. No more than 25 in an edition. All the works  are tastefully framed and generally range from $130-400. I can also supply a quote on any custom size that you might be looking for.

Most of my repertoire is available on Etsy.

If you prefer to purchase an artwork through email, contact me anytime.

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A quick farm post… Wildlife abounds here at the farm where ArtByCholeena’s studio is, and I’m always at the ready with my camera. I photographed this strange thing leaving the tree top of a fir tree. Any guesses as to what it is? I am going to put this picture up on my Facebook page so please join in the fun and leave your guess. You can find it here on Facebook.

 I sure hope that the Winter Blues have blown past your home, and that this post has lifted your spirits. Warm waves of hello from the Winter Wonderland that is the farm,

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