FUNDRAISER: Re-building a home for the ethical egg

We are preparing for hens at the farm! …
In this day of mass farming, where millions of chickens are mistreated for the almighty egg production market — you will be doing your part to humanely supply cage-free, well-loved chickens with a loving (they will get hugged daily!) and peaceful home in order to provide people with the ultimate ethical egg. Not only will they be cage-free, they will be outdoors (free-range) during the day. To create this reality, we only need $1200. 


How the money will be spent: We need to rejuvenate this old coop with a new floor to keep foxes out, a new outdoor run to keep the hens out of the garden, and nesting, water, and food stations. We also need to purchase beautiful Road-Island Red Laying Hens. My family and I will put all the construction hours in for free, and document the process in photos/video for you.


Donors have a choice of these benefactor categories:

***** The Kindness Poacher: Every penny counts — donate ANY amount up to $24, as your pocket book allows. Rewards: inner peace knowing that you did your part to make sure that hens are living a full, fresh-air and active life.

***** The Sunny-side-up Eggs Bene-factor: Be 1 of 12 people needed to donate $25. Rewards: as above, PLUS a hen named in your honour, and a photo of ‘your’ hen.

***** The Double-yolker Supporter: Be 1 of 9 people needed to donate $50. Rewards: everything as above, PLUS you will receive a dozen of the first eggs produced (either as pickled or fresh – depending on how far away you are!)

***** The Egg’cellent Philanthropist: Be 1 of 4 people needed to donate $100. Rewards: everything as above, PLUS your hen’s footprint/name immortalized in the cement walk-way of fame!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ If we manage to beat this goal, more space and more outdoor areas will be built for our avian friends.

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