All-ages, or adult coloring books are all the rage!

I’ve just launched my first colouring book! This one features 20 Flora & Fauna images from my original mosaic artworks. They are $20 each. Bulk orders/prices available. It is a fundraiser for the farm where my Art By Choleena studio is located. I hope you will consider buying one. They are on Etsy. Thank you!


Did you know that colouring for all ages has become a European and North American fad? Colouring is an effective de-stresser for adults. It is also being praised for the calming effect that it has on geriatric patients, especially those who are stroke victims.

“The practice [of colouring] generates wellness, quietness and also stimulates brain areas related to motor skills, the senses, and creativity.” —



colouring-book-inside-cover-love-of-a-farm-IMG_2652 colouring-book-peacock-spread-IMG_2632

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