These tragic times are affecting us in so many ways. Some of us have lost loved-ones, some of us are in isolation, and some of us fear for our family, health, livelihood, and housing. It is difficult to keep hopeful and an eye on the horizon for when these days have passed.

But one thing that I have noticed is that people are turning to The Arts to keep creatively busy, ward off the effects of isolation, and for hope.

How The Arts are impacting this COVID-19 world

Conversely: How COVID-19 is impacting The Arts

  • The Arts are always a hard-sell so in times like this, the Art World is hit even harder. Prohibition on public gatherings means that art Openings are out. Plus, people are saving their money for more urgent things, and art is considered a non-essential. Here is an excellent article on the art market during a crisis.
  • Artists, here is a good resource/video on selling art in a pandemic.
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