Sockrificed to the tide gods — I’ve always loved a good pun

I recently made a blueberry-themed artwork with a treeline and meandering tidal river in the background. The treeline reminded me so much of my time living in New Brunswick, Canada that I decide to make another piece with it as the focus. Here it is, #1 of 12. “Sockrificed to the tide gods” is a Paper Mosaic with one sock on the laundry line and one sock floating in the tidal water. A sock always goes missing in the laundry, right? (The sock in the water is much easier to see in person.) This is even more amusing, if you use Tide detergent. 😉 The artwork will have my usual glossy surface, and will be framed in black. 9”x23”. There are 46 tesserae in this piece. It’s perfect for any room in the house; but ideal for a laundry room or bathroom! It’s now off to get framed. If interested in one of this edition, I hope that you will get in touch! It’s currently $254, tax-free. World-wide shipping happily arranged.

Laundry in Fundy

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