And… now my first Quadriptych in Paper Mosaic!

In January, I posted my very first triptych mosaic. I enjoyed the process and the resulting piece so much that now I’m trying a four-panel artwork. These are known as quadriptychs.

Here is my first quadriptych. It is titled “Seas the Day,” and is a total width of 56″ by 25″ tall; it contains 1029 pieces (tesserae) of paper.

Quadriptych mosaic of blue sky, blue sea waterline, and white-sands beach by Choleena DiTullio

The cool thing about making a ‘single image’ using multiple panels is that I can make very large artworks that break down into manageable components. This makes so many things easier for both you and me.

  • It’s easier/lighter to move a fourth of the weight at a time;
  • The vehicle to transport them doesn’t have to be large;
  • The shipping box is significantly easier to make;
  • The smaller size means that your shipping cost is much less;
  • The shipping insurance is much more likely to cover the whole value since I can package them individually (many couriers cap insurance at $1000 per package);
  • The hooks on the wall only have to support a quarter of the weight;
  • If a panel is damaged, there is much less work to do to repair it;
  • It doesn’t need a huge wall — it can hang around a corner!

Here is a detail shot to show the lush, glossy surface of my Paper Mosaics.

Get in touch, if you have a vision for a multi-panel piece for yourself! Commissions are always welcome, and estimates are free.


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