Farm Update – June 2015

This Spring, we found ourselves host to 4 families of Canada Geese, rearing 17 babies. What a lovely sight on the pond every morning. Bird romance is not the only thing budding here… wild flowers abound as the season heats up. We’ve also found wild asparagus, which we made into an amazing breakfast. (If you’re new to the farm, please read my original post with background on what we are trying to do and how the farm got to a foreclosure point.)

For the newly-arrived Summer, we built raised planters for Mom so that she could easily weed them. We recycled old lumber and orange baler twine to keep costs low. And, we re-purposed the unfinished gazebo into a make-shift climbing garden. We’re looking forward to potatoes, peppers, and other fresh veggies throughout the season.  The last photo in the gallery is of a metal contraption that we found here. Anyone care to take a guess at what it is?

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HeartHugs from 300 acres of wildlife,


P.S. If you’re new to the farm, please read the background on the farm to learn why it is in a state of foreclosure and, with your help, what I’m trying to save. Thank you.

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