Batman Slap Meme in Dry-Erase format!

Re-writable meme for your home wall. Dry-erase on glass. Batman and Robin Slap Meme.Originally a large mosaic of mine, I have produced a high-quality print under glass that works perfectly with Dry-Erase marker. This is a total ‘fun’ctional piece. I love this online meme and the endless variety it has produced. I wanted to do a total comic-themed piece and I have always loved art that was functional, too. This piece allows you to update it with dialogue that is meaningful to you day-to-day. Whether it is social commentary, a friendly dig at a roomate or a humorous exchange about household issues, this piece offers endless variation. We supply the art, you supply the pen and the creative sarcasm! It is perfect for a common area where everyone will see it daily. 

$25 $20 plus about $10 for shipping, depending on where you live. If you’d like a firm quote on shipping, get in touch any time.

SIZE: 9.5″W x 12″H x 0.5″D. Or, in Centimeters: 24 cm x 30.5 cm x 1.25 cm

Rustically-stained frame.

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