Group show at Trinity Art Gallery

“Mosaic – Mosaïque” is a show that is a true mosaic and culmination of many styles and mediums. From traditional watercolour and glasswork to multi-depth wall sculpture and newly-developed processes such as paper-tile mosaic, this show wows the eyes and imagination. On exhibition in the lovely space of Trinity Art Gallery, the show runs until March 19th; Monday to Sunday from 1AM to 10PM. Trinity ArtGallery is on the Ground Floor of the Shenkman Arts Centre at 245 Centrum Blvd. in Orleans. “Mosaic – Mosaïque” is organized by ArtEast, a highly-active, not-for-profit, visual arts organization.arteast2013-trinity-gallery-IMG_5040

I’m proud to have had 2 artworks selected for this juried group show.

Telephone Booth at Trinity Art Gallery Seahorse at Trinity Art Gallery

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