SOLD! Maritime Town Hall adds to their public art collection

Adirondack Fish paintingI’m thrilled to announce that the Town of Sackville in New Brunswick has added art of mine to their collection. “Adirondack Fish” (above) is an 11-foot-wide acrylic triptych that was launched at the grand opening of their new town hall on March 15th, 2012. The new municipal building houses town hall staff, local fire department and RCMP all under one roof.

My art not only compliments the area’s water-side locale but their commitment to environmental stewardship as well. While the town’s new facility boasts energy-efficient technologies such as ground source heating and daylight sensing light fixtures, “Adirondack Fish” completely recycles every component of an old Adirondack chair (even the fish’s teeth are nails).

Read further: Sackville Tribune Post’s “Doors open at new town hall” by Katie Tower

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Charm bracelet with recycled materials

bracelet with recycled materialsWhat a fun project this was. A client on Prince Edward Island ordered a custom-designed bracelet specifying the colours and the style, leaving the rest up to me! I’d never made a charm bracelet quite like it before. You can see that it has my hand-rolled paper beads and some interesting recycled items such as Chess pieces! It was a grand success with it being approved immediately.

Should you be interested in something personalized like this, get in touch. It would be a pleasure to craft it for you. You can be confident that you will be the only person in the world with your bracelet! Budget between $60-100, depending on number of charms and materials used. To personalize it further, you could add a small photo-frame charm with a photo of a special person inserted.

bracelet with recycled materials and captions describing components

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Easter Earrings & Bookmarks LAUNCHED!

earringsbookmark$16 Hand-made, rolled-paper beads that recycle old magazines and provide you with an environmentally-friendly and thoughtful gift. No two alike. Contact me to reserve your unique bookmark or custom-order a specific colour/magazine page! Just $1.41 shipping/handling. All prices tax-free. Bulk orders share the single shipping fee.

The full collection of earrings. The full collection of bookmarks.


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Smithsonian Institute’s “X-Ray Vision: fish inside out”

It really doesn’t get much cooler than this for a fish-lover!

The Smithsonian Institute has put together a travelling show of X-rays of some of their fish collection. There are many interesting shots but for me, the coolest ones are those that show a skeleton within a skeleton — you can actually see what that fish ate for dinner.

Batfish with seashells in stomach

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“Celestial Bodies” Necklaces launched

Celestial Bodies is a series which evokes the image of planets moving endlessly through the vacuum of space around their primary. In this sense, your head is the sun around which the planets of the piece revolve. Each necklace is carefully balanced and has had its pieces chosen specifically to evoke other-worldly images.  Most  elements found in each piece have been carefully selected from a 30-year collection of vintage jewelry, up-cycled for these new creations. No two are identical, making you the only person in the universe with this unique and wearable art. View the whole collection.

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Art is everywhere

According to this photo’s entry in Wikipedia, the artist named this photo Salmon-30-Salmon in reference to a fluke incident that occured 3/30/87. After departure from Juneau, Alaska, the Boeing 737-200 hit a fish dropped by a Bald Eagle.

Fish painted on a Boeing 737 airplane

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St. Patrick’s Day launch

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the whole month of March!

bookmark thumbnail“luck of the Irish” Bookmarks greeting card“At the end of the Rainbow Trout” Greeting Card EarringsLucky-charm Earrings
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St. Patrick’s Day greeting card launched

greeting cardWhether wishing someone the “Luck o’ the Irish” or simply best wishes, this card is sure to get a laugh.

At the end of the Rainbow Trout card:
$4 each or 4 for $12 (get a card free)

Buy at: The Kick-Ass Idea Company

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The Knife Fish moves so majestically

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“Cupid Fish” Valentine’s Day greeting card

Valentine's Day CardDon’t forget to add a card to your Valentine’s Day giftie!

$4 each or 4 for $12 (get a card free)

Buy at: The Kick-Ass Idea Company

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