love-my-dog-heart-charm-earringsEarring Fundraiser: When Choleena isn’t making art, she’s hugging dogs and hoping that all the dogs in the world are getting the same love. To help that along, she’s developed a special edition of earrings so that you can send hugs (and much-needed help), too.

Every earring sale sends $5 to a shelter. Your donation will be a comfort during one of the most stressful times of a dog’s life. This round of donations will go to Catahoula Rescue, a network of foster homes that specializes in rescuing that breed from shelters all over North America.

The earrings feature a silver-plated pewter charms with “heart my dog” on one, and a paw print on the other. The ear wires/hooks are silver-finished brass. Everything is nickel-free.

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How far does $5 go?
Incredibly far. Since many shelters and foster networks are volunteer-based, every dollar goes toward the dogs, and not to pay salaried staff. Shelters and rescues buy supplies  in bulk so that means $5 buys a lot. But mostly, your donation buys dogs time. Time for the perfect “furever” home to find them.

Shelters nurture injured animals until they are well enough to be put up for adoption. A rescue’s biggest expense is veterinary care. They test and treat heart worm, they spay/neuter, and they administer dewormer, flea and tick treatment when needed. These bills have to be paid right away, before the dog can be adopted. Outside normal vetting, many dogs in rescue need further veterinary care and sometimes surgery, depending on what life dealt them beforehand. Donations are critical to administering timely health care. That’s where your generosity really makes a difference. And, if you’re wondering if the pending adoption fee covers all this, it doesn’t. The adoption fee rarely covers the basic examination, spay/neuter and required vaccines. But it’s important to keep adoption fees as low as possible to encourage adoption.

Once an unnamed and skinny stray, Mac now has a loving home and nothing but sunny days ahead since Catahoula Rescue, through their network of volunteer foster homes over North America, brought him from Ohio to Ontario to his “furever” home.

Success Stories

“With foster networks, every dog adoption saves three lives. Your new pooch has found a furever home, another shelter dog that was “out of time” now has a foster spot to go to, and the stray that was just picked up or owner-surrendered now has a spot at the shelter.”

—Gloria Baggs, Catahoula Rescue-Ontario (network of volunteer foster homes that specialize in rescuing Catahoula Leopard Dogs from shelters all over North America)

What else can I do?
Look up the website of your local shelter; many list things that they need donated. Blankets, pillows, towels, canned and dry dog food, leashes, collars, and dog beds are often listed among things needed. Many even take Canadian Tire money to help keep up their facility.

Hug-a-dog day!
HeartEVERY day is hug-a-dog day, don’t you agree? Go to your local shelter, bring some old towels to donate, and while you’re there, pet, hug or walk a few dogs. (Be sure to check the “contact” rules of the shelter that day.) Dogs are as social as humans and need affection in their lives. Your donation and presence is more than just comfort, it’s emotional support in one of the most stressful times of their life. And, huge hugs to _you_ for your time and support.