All-ages, or adult coloring books are all the rage!

I’ve just launched my first colouring book! This one features 20 Flora & Fauna images from my original mosaic artworks. They are $20 each. Bulk orders/prices available. It is a fundraiser for the farm where my Art By Choleena studio is located. I hope you will consider buying one. They are on Etsy. Thank you!




colouring-book-inside-cover-love-of-a-farm-IMG_2652 colouring-book-peacock-spread-IMG_2632

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TARDIS Tealight and other Doctor Who items

tardis-candle-lit-dark-260px-IMG_2206I’ve taken my TARDIS artwork and turned it into an LED tea-light. Since it’s flame-less, there is no worry of fire. I cut each window by hand, then glue four copies together to make a four-sided cover for the tea-light. So cute! Just $20 for members. Get in touch if you’d like one. The first three photos in the gallery below show other angles of this tea-light. 

I have also turned my TARDIS into a number of other funky things. Here is a gallery showing many of them.

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Farm Update – June 2015

This Spring, we found ourselves host to 4 families of Canada Geese, rearing 17 babies. What a lovely sight on the pond every morning. Bird romance is not the only thing budding here… wild flowers abound as the season heats up. We’ve also found wild asparagus, which we made into an amazing breakfast. (If you’re new to the farm, please read my original post with background on what we are trying to do and how the farm got to a foreclosure point.)

For the newly-arrived Summer, we built raised planters for Mom so that she could easily weed them. We recycled old lumber and orange baler twine to keep costs low. And, we re-purposed the unfinished gazebo into a make-shift climbing garden. We’re looking forward to potatoes, peppers, and other fresh veggies throughout the season.  The last photo in the gallery is of a metal contraption that we found here. Anyone care to take a guess at what it is?

Thanks for reading! If you’d like monthly updates about the farm and my art sent to you by email, please sign up for my e-newsletter. I promise to only use your email address for personal announcements; you can unsubscribe any time.

HeartHugs from 300 acres of wildlife,


P.S. If you’re new to the farm, please read the background on the farm to learn why it is in a state of foreclosure and, with your help, what I’m trying to save. Thank you.

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Glebe Art in Our Gardens and Studios Tour

I am THRILLED to have been juried into this tour. It is considered one of the loveliest studio tours of the city, and I am honoured to be among this talent. We are 18 artists lovingly nestled into 9 artful gardens and studios in the beautiful Glebe neighbourhood of Ottawa. There will be three of us at Studio #3. I hope you will join us.


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Art and Tea in the Garden – June 20-21, 2015

I hope you will join me… If you’re in Ottawa, I will be showing with Alice HintherManju Sah, Isabel Hintherand Marilynne Gowan against the backdrop of a beautiful back-yard tea and garden party. Drop by to view our latest creations and enjoy some home-made goodies and tea. Feel free to invite your friends and bring your kids to this relaxed and enjoyable weekend.

• 619 Westview Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario
• June 20-21, 2015
• Rain or shine (we’ll have a tent and roofed areas set up)



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Dragonfly Wing Necklaces

These are made with real dragonfly wings (unharmed, found naturally dead on the farm) and colourful, hand-made paper as the background.

  • $35, tax-free.

Dragonfly wing necklaces currently available:

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Necklaces of my art

necklace-frog-hand-show-size-IMG_1389A one-of-a-kind gift for that one-of-a-kind person in your life; artful necklaces made with care in my studio.

Please keep in mind that they are very shiny and difficult to photograph! :)

  • $25 per necklace.
  • Packaged for gifting.
  • Tax-free.

Currently available:

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Earrings of my artworks

Thank you for considering my artful jewellery as gifts for your loved ones. Please keep in mind that they are very shiny and difficult to photograph! :)

  • $20 per pair

Currently available:

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My Fish T-shirts — at-cost prices

fish-t-shirt-stocking-stufferI’m hoping to reduce my stock of fish t-shirts so I’m selling them at cost.

Colours: Red, White, Orange, Blue. The kid-colours are brighter versions of the same set.

Selling at cost:

  • $13 for adult sizes
  • $11 for kid sizes

Makes for an inexpensive but artful way to stuff the stockings! Contact me anytime.

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Batman Slap Meme in Dry-Erase format!

Re-writable meme for your home wall. Dry-erase on glass. Batman and Robin Slap Meme.Originally a large mosaic of mine, I have produced a high-quality print under glass that works perfectly with Dry-Erase marker. This is a total ‘fun’ctional piece. I love this online meme and the endless variety it has produced. I wanted to do a total comic-themed piece and I have always loved art that was functional, too. This piece allows you to update it with dialogue that is meaningful to you day-to-day. Whether it is social commentary, a friendly dig at a roomate or a humorous exchange about household issues, this piece offers endless variation. We supply the art, you supply the pen and the creative sarcasm! It is perfect for a common area where everyone will see it daily. 

$25 $20 plus about $10 for shipping, depending on where you live. If you’d like a firm quote on shipping, get in touch any time.

SIZE: 9.5″W x 12″H x 0.5″D. Or, in Centimeters: 24 cm x 30.5 cm x 1.25 cm

Rustically-stained frame.

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