Dragonfly Wing Necklaces

These are made with real dragonfly wings (unharmed, found naturally dead on the farm) and colourful, hand-made paper as the background.

  • $35, tax-free.

Dragonfly wing necklaces currently available:

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Necklaces of my art

necklace-frog-hand-show-size-IMG_1389A one-of-a-kind gift for that one-of-a-kind person in your life; artful necklaces made with care in my studio.

Please keep in mind that they are very shiny and difficult to photograph! :)

  • $25 per necklace.
  • Packaged for gifting.
  • Tax-free.

Currently available:

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Earrings of my artworks

Thank you for considering my artful jewellery as gifts for your loved ones. Please keep in mind that they are very shiny and difficult to photograph! :)

  • $20 per earring pair

Currently available:

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My Fish T-shirts — at-cost prices

fish-t-shirt-stocking-stufferI’m hoping to reduce my stock of fish t-shirts so I’m selling them at cost.

Colours: Red, White, Orange, Blue. The kid-colours are brighter versions of the same set.

Selling at cost:

  • $13 for adult sizes
  • $11 for kid sizes

Makes for an inexpensive but artful way to stuff the stockings! Contact me anytime.

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Batman Slap Meme in Dry-Erase format!

Re-writable meme for your home wall. Dry-erase on glass. Batman and Robin Slap Meme.Originally a large mosaic of mine, I have produced a high-quality print under glass that works perfectly with Dry-Erase marker. This is a total ‘fun’ctional piece. I love this online meme and the endless variety it has produced. I wanted to do a total comic-themed piece and I have always loved art that was functional, too. This piece allows you to update it with dialogue that is meaningful to you day-to-day. Whether it is social commentary, a friendly dig at a roomate or a humorous exchange about household issues, this piece offers endless variation. We supply the art, you supply the pen and the creative sarcasm! It is perfect for a common area where everyone will see it daily. 

$25 $20 plus about $10 for shipping, depending on where you live. If you’d like a firm quote on shipping, get in touch any time.

SIZE: 9.5″W x 12″H x 0.5″D. Or, in Centimeters: 24 cm x 30.5 cm x 1.25 cm

Rustically-stained frame.

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Real Dragonfly Wings in Jewelry

Real dragonfly wings and hand-made paper in a necklace. Many colors to choose from, including yellow, lime, green, blue, orange, purple, pink and cream or white. On my walks on the farm, I come across dragonflies that have died. Their life cycle is very short but they live a good life on this property where I treat it like a wildlife preserve, encouraging bio-diversity and a healthy environment. I make the wings into necklaces; in this way, I raise funds to promise a healthy future for their next generation here. (More about the farm that I am preserving.)

$35 plus a few dollars for shipping, depending on where you live.

These necklaces contain hand-made paper (the coloured background), real dragonfly wings, silver-plated brass elements, and a lush, glossy surface. All made with love in my studio. Please contact me should you wish to order one; let me know your preferred color. Thank you.

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Christmas Market — Museum of History

museum-of-history-show-2014I am very proud to be among 75 other Artisans to show in the Canadian Museum of History’s annual Christmas Market. It is a heavily juried show, which speaks to the quality you can expect when you arrive. I hope to see you there!

  • Nov 27-30, 2014
  • Thurs: 11AM-8PM
  • Fri-Sun: 9:30AM-5PM
  • 100 Rue Laurier, Gatineau, Québec (across the river from the National Art Gallery in Ottawa)
  • Free Admission
  • In the “Great Hall” with all the Totem Poles!
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MY FIRST YEAR with Perth Autumn Studio Tour

Perth Studio Tour coverI am _very_ excited to have been judged worthy of this amazing, 22-year-running, annual artist studio tour. It is designed to pack a load of artists (24!) into 7 studio locations (all within a few minutes drive of each other) with the autumn-coloured backdrop of meandering country roads that are our inspiration. The Perth area is known for its high-quality craftspeople and artists. I am beyond proud to be considered one of them!

Perth Studio tour map-and-particpants-2014Where: Various studios in the countryside around Perth (about an hour West of Ottawa) along HWY 7. Map (896 KB PDF), printer-friendly.

When: All three days of Thanksgiving long weekend. Oct. 11, 12, 13, 2014 ~~ 10AM-5PM each day.

BONUS: $200 draw for art! Entry forms at each studio.

Official Perth Autumn Studio Tour website.

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Mini Peacock about to launch!

I am proud as a peacock to be launching this new mini artwork. :) Here it is shown unframed but all my artworks come framed. This will be a limited edition of 25. Contact me anytime to reserve one. Thank you.


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Labour Day Weekend ART FESTIVAL

sundance_studioMark it on the calendar! I hope you will join me for Sundance Artisan Festival, a three-day outdoor event of art, live music, and locally-made, micro-brewery ale all in a countryside setting.

Sundance Artisan Festival is just an hour’s pleasant drive West of Ottawa into the countryside and the “Land of Lakes” known as Maberly. No admission fee. :)

  • When: Aug. 30-Sept. 1, Sat. & Sun. 10-5, Mon. 10am-4pm
  • What: An annual festival celebrating artists of all kinds, including fine art, food, and ale artisans. All with a focus on locally-made, high-quality craftsmanship.
  • Where: Fall River Restaurant, Maberly, ON. Corner of HWY 7 and County Rd 36.

Art along a riverbank

Artists bring their studio to you for this “studio tour”. You park once and let us do the rest. We’ve set up artisan food ‘stands’, a micro-brewery ale ‘stand’, a live music ‘stage’, and our ‘studios’ so that you can experience local arts in a natural setting along the bank of the Fall River.  One visitor put it perfectly:

“It’s such a pleasure to have time to talk, time to stroll and time to sit by the river or enjoy the food and music, and not have to rush to the next studio… what a great idea.”

fall-river-restaurantOur Hosts

This festival is hosted by Fall River Restaurant & Pub, an award-winning locale with accolades for their choice of organic, local, sustainable food sources, their energy-efficient building, and their fine menu. Since the festival is partnered with this locally-owned business, you’ll have ample free parking, easy access to facilities and a place to stop for a tasty meal during your visit. Make a day of it by visiting the pub, gift shop, greenhouse and patio. Check out the “hay-bale construction” of their energy-efficient Coffee House.

  • 613-268-2197 21980
  • HWY 7, at Maberly (West of Ottawa)

sheep-forestCheck out the online Artist Gallery of images.

Featuring artists working in these mediums/techniques:

  • cabinet-making
  • canoe-making
  • carving
  • cast stone
  • clothing
  • felting
  • fibre art
  • glass
  • gold-smithing
  • jewellery
  • knife-making
  • mosaic
  • painting
  • pottery
  • salvage/recycling
  • sculpting
  • watercolour
  • weaving
  • wood-turning
  • wood-working

patio3We’ve saved a seat for you. Have a lovely weekend.

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